Our Strategies

our strategies

Physicians for Criminal Justice Reform seeks to support the creation of a humane, egalitarian justice system by using the following strategies:
Research Promotion
  • PfCJR will increase awareness of the bidirectional relationship between health and the criminal justice system for targeted populations by centralizing healthrelated criminal justice data from various private, public, governmental and nongovernmental organizations.
  • PfCJR will serve as a fund of knowledge, education and training for local, state and national health and justice systems by providing white papers, webinars, keynote speakers, panelists and consulting services to individuals and organizations who have the capacity to drive criminal justice reform.
Education and Awareness
  • PfCJR will maintain a social media and internet presence to increase awareness and knowledge of the bidirectional relationship between health and the criminal justice system using our own original content and content from key partners.
  • PfCJR will circulate petitions to our members and issue press releases to major news outlets to familiarize the public with our core issues.
  • PfCJR member physicians will be made available to media outlets to discuss the medical impact of the criminal justice system on targeted communities when key events are being discussed in the media.
Political Advocacy
  • PfCJR will lobby for criminal justice reform surrounding our core issues by partnering with existing lobbying organizations to ensure the healthrelated consequences of our current criminal justice system remains a primary motivator for reform.
  • PfCJR will create opportunities for collaborative problemsolving by providing current data directly to local, state and federal legislators.
  • According to research by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, youth under the age of 18 represented 21 percent of all substantiated victims of inmateoninmate sexual violence in jails in 2005, and 13 percent in 2006 – surprisingly high since only one percent of jail inmates are juveniles.
Partnering with Like-Minded Organizations
  • PfCJR will partner with likeminded organizations to leverage multidisciplinary expertise in an effort to drive coordinated, cross systemic change.