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Physicians for Criminal Justice Reform seeks to support the creation of a humane, egalitarian justice system by using the following strategies:

Write an Op-Ed for PfCJR

Write an Op-Ed THE TOPIC Joe Biden vs. Cory Booker on Criminal Justice Reform and Decriminalization of Marijuana THE QUESTION Why is decriminalization of marijuana an …

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A New Partnership for PfCJR

PfCJR Partners With A New Criminal Justice Taskforce From ACOEM In 2016, the United States held 2.2 million people in prisons and jails, and about …

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The right to healthcare: A false promise of health in America’s prisons

Last month’s coverage of the conditions at Riker’s Island have people across the country appalled. Dr. Vernier, former physician at Riker’s Island, shared many of …

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