Meet PfCJR's Partners

Our partnerships seek to leverage multidisciplinary expertise in an effort to drive coordinated, cross-systemic change in the intersections of criminal justice reform. We identify and employ strategies with which our organizations can support one another and manage joint projects. 

Doctors For America

Doctors for America is a national movement of physicians and medical students working together to improve the health of the nation and to ensure that everyone has access to affordable, high quality health care. It seeks to mobilize health care professionals to be leaders in putting patients over politics to improve the health of our patients, communities, and nation.

PfCJR and Doctors for America’s partnership  has entailed collaboration in conferences and provision of educational resources for physicians seeking to engage with criminal justice reform in their own professional lives. 

American Medical Student Association

Seventy years strong, with roughly 30,000 active members all across the globe, American Medical Student Association is a student-led, national association that exists to cultivate, inspire and inform medical students. AMSA sees opportunities for future physicians to reshape medicine and seeks to make a world in which health care is accessible, medicine is affordable, and systems can support the diversity around us. 

PfCJR offers mentorship to medical students in AMSA, and the organizations have collaborated on educational projects regarding criminal justice reform.

American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

The American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM) is a physician-led organization that champions the health of workers, safety of workplaces, and quality of environments. ACOEM provides leadership by educating health professionals and the public, stimulating research, enhancing the quality of practice, and guiding workplace and public policy.

PfCJR has partnered with the Incarcerated Workers Occupational Health Task Force, which resides under ACOEM and seeks to address the workplace health of incarcerated workers.