About PfCJR

What is Pfcjr

Physicians for Criminal Justice Reform (PfCJR) was founded by a group of physicians who were struck by the myriad of ways that negative encounters with the criminal justice system lead to detrimental health consequences. We firmly believe that changing the interaction between the criminal justice system and individuals of targeted populations will ultimately lead to improved health of targeted communities. As such, our members have made the commitment to be leaders of criminal justice reform by using our medical expertise to:


Physicians for Criminal Justice Reform seeks to support the creation of a humane, egalitarian justice system by advocating for the following reforms.

Reduction of violent encounters between law enforcement professionals and the general public.
Decriminalization of mental health and addictive disorders
Reform of the juvenile justice system to identify and divert at risk adolescents.
Provision of adequate access to physical and psychiatric health care for current inmates.